Forecasting and Optimization for the Energy Sector

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WindFor Wind Power Forecasting

WindFor™ is a software solution for wind power forecasting. It delivers highly accurate predictions of wind power production for the operational horizon ranging from a few minutes ahead in time, up to a couple of weeks

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SolarFor Solar Power Forecasting

A tool for online solar power forecasting with reliable estimates of the precision of the forecasts.​

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LoadFor Electricity Load Forecasting

This is a product where we typically tailor our software to the users particular needs. We have large experience in building prediction methods which take into account the user behaviour, air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, etc.​

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MetFor Locally Optimized Weather Forecasting

MetFor™ is a software system for high precision meteorological forecasting in a specific geographic location

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PriceFor Power Price Forecasting

This is a product for highly advanced prediction of energy prices in deregulated markets.​

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HeatFor Heat Demand Forecasting for District Heating

HeatFor™ (formerly known as PRESS-Prognosis™) is a software system for forecasting of heat demand in district heating systems

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HeatTO Temperature Optimization for District Heating Networks


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HeatPO Production Optimization for District Heating


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ChargeMe Forecasting and Scheduling of Electric Vehicle Charging


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PMon Performance Monitoring of Wind Mills and Solar Parks


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All ENFOR forecasting and optimization solutions are part of the same platform. The platform provides standardized communication interfaces, data validation and error handling functionality to the dedicated forecasting and optimization solutions, such that they can easily be integrated with client systems and run very reliable.

The platform also handles and controls the inflow of data, scheduling of forecasts and export of results. These routines can be scheduled to fit client needs and are highly customizable and flexible.


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