ENFOR joins partnership to improve energy sector weather forecasting by 10 percent

June 26, 2024 1:15 pm

ENFOR, Ørsted, DMI, and several other partners aim to enhance energy sector forecasts for solar and wind energy. The goal is to reduce imbalances and costs for system services that ensure the production and consumption of green electricity in Denmark.

The weather forecast on TV or a mobile app is handy for deciding between shorts or rain gear. The same logic applies to energy traders and operators who use weather forecasts and associated energy forecasts to prepare Denmark’s energy system for the conditions.

Mikkel Westenholz, Managing Director of ENFOR explains:

“In the innovation project Weather2X, we aim to improve the models that convert weather into energy. By enhancing the accuracy of energy forecasts by up to ten percent, we can similarly optimize energy production from renewable sources and the services that support production when there is no sun or wind,” says Mikkel Westenholz. He continues:

“We expect the new collaboration to save time and money for our key customers, who include both system operators and those trading electricity. This includes asset owners like Ørsted or Vattenfall – or electricity traders who do not own the production themselves. For all of them, inaccurate energy forecasts can cause gaps in the grid they buy and deliver power to, and these gaps need to be filled with electricity that becomes more expensive to purchase in the short term”. Read the press release here – English Version/Danish Version.