ENFOR™ Signs Partner Agreement with NXITY

February 12, 2018 2:35 pm

NXITY Group with its origin in Scandinavia and offices in Hong Kong, China and Thailand is a trusted partner and provider of innovative management and consulting services within the ICT and Energy industry. With decades of international experience, NXITY contributes to the success of its international and regional clients by always deliver beyond expectations.

As a trusted partner to ENFOR™, NXITY is offering the Heat Solutions™ (formerly known as PRESS™) primarily on the Chinese market. Heat Solutions™ is an integrated portfolio of forecasting and optimization solutions for the district heating sector. The solution consists of MetFor™, which delivers locally-calibrated weather forecasts, HeatFor™ which provides heat demand forecasts and HeatTO™, which provides temperature optimization of district heating systems. The solution can reduce heat losses and thereby reduce production costs, heat prices and CO2 emissions while increasing security of supply.

NXITY Energy empowers clients, by providing value adding consulting services in combination with ICT solutions, filling management- and engineering gaps throughout the entire energy project value chain from idea to operation.

With extensive experience and presence in Asia, specialized in developing smart district energy systems, we see NXITY as a valuable partner to increase customer base for Heat Solutions™ and expand our market to China. To include our Heat Solutions™ with the operation optimization services and solutions provided by NXITY results in a strong joint-offer to the market. NXITY’s client base ranging from investors to engineering firms, gives us a unique platform to promote our solutions.

At present date, NXITY are working with some of the largest district heating companies in China, including Beijing District Heating Group, Xian District Heating Company and Qingdao Energy Group. These are all utilities that could benefit greatly from combining Heat Solutions™ with NXITY’s operation optimization and smart heating development services and solutions.

Furthermore, NXITY’s deep cooperation with organizations like Asian Development Bank (ADB), China District Heating Association (CDHA), International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC) and Asia Pacific Urban Association (APUEA), are very valuable for us to get a better understanding of the development and trends in the Asia Pacific energy sector.

Read more about our partner and their offerings on the NXITY website.

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