Example Configuration 2

Mixture of online and offline data available and limited geographic information


  • Online data is only available for a some of the farms in the area
  • Off-line data for the remaining farms is available with a delay
  • Geographical information needed for grouping the farms (into sub-groups) is not available

Suggest forecast setup

  • Online data is used to make an accurate forecast for online farms. Upscaling is used to produce a forecast for the total area/portfolio (both off-line and online farms)
  • This provides an accurate forecast both day-ahead and intra-day for the total area/portfolio
  • The setup can successfully be used for:
  • Forecasting a portfolio where online data is only available for part of the farms
  • Forecasting a control area, when customer owns a number of farms and use public off-line data to forecast the whole control area