The ENFOR team consists of highly skilled forecasting and optimization experts which all have extensive research experience and careers at the university. A dedicated team of former PHDs and postdocs are developing the advanced machine learning algorithms which forms the core of the solutions, which are used all over the world!  Below is a quick summary of our busiest areas:

 Wind Power

ENFOR is currently delivering wind power forecasting to installations accounting for over 130 GW of wind power capacity spread across 20 different countries.

 Solar Power

ENFOR is currently delivering solar power forecasting to installations accounting for over 70 GW  of solar power capacity spread across 15 different countries.

 District Heating

ENFOR is currently delivering district heating optimization solutions to district heating producers whom in total account for approx. 17.000 GWh of delivered district heating annually.

In total ENFOR's data driven solutions are operating in 40 different countries and on all continents, except Antarctica.


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